Life Insurance in Superannuation

Life Insurance in Superannuation

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10 Fact on Life Insurance and should you buy through your Superannuation fund?

The average person likes to think they are invincible. Statistics show however, that the average person at some stage throughout their life, is likely to experience some sort of trauma that will impact their quality of life and the life of their dependants.

There are many unforeseeable factors that can significantly affect you and your family if you are incapacitated in some way. Whilst you can’t plan for unexpected accidents, illnesses or death, you can factor in these possible debilitating scenarios into your future planning. By protecting yourself financially now, you can save yourself and your family a whole lot of physical, mental, emotional and financial pain later.

When an accident, death or illness occurs, you need financial security to support you through the stress thrust upon on you and your family. How can you do this?

We also discuss how you should purchase Life Insurance – A lot of people have Life Insurance through your Superannuation fund but should they?


Ebook Content

  • What is Life Insurance and what does it cover? 
  • Do I need Life Insurance? 
  • How much does Life Insurance cost? 
  • Life Insurance through Superannuation 
  • Benefits of Life Insurance through your Superfund 
  • Pitfallls of Life Insurance through your Superfund 
  • How to keep Life Insurance rates down
  • What does Life Insurance cover?
  • What is a benefit period?
  • How do I discuss a Life Insurance policy for me?

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