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Helping you meet your financial goals.

What is financial planning?

Financial Planning is the process of identifying your financial goals and devising a plan to achieve them. Your goals may include buying a home, saving for your children’s education or planning for retirement. This is something we can help you with.

Why are we different?

We will take the time to look at your short and long term financial goals, and with you, establish an investment strategy to help you achieve these goals.

At Blue Lantern Financial Services we can help you meet your financial objectives by providing a full range of services.

How much it will cost?

Blue Lantern Financial Services is primarily a fee for service practice, (over 75% of our income is fee based) with the balance being insurance brokerage. Any investment commissions are rebated in full.

The three payment models are:

Statement of Advice (SOA) Preparation Fees

A professional fee for the preparation of a Statement of Advice (financial plan) is between Nil & $3,000 plus GST (in rare instances may be higher).

Depending on the complexity of your situation, work to be performed by our financial planners and support staff is calculated on a fixed fee basis.

The fee to apply will depend on the complexity of the Statement of Advice and it will be quoted and agreed upon with prior to any work commencing.

Implementation Fees

Implementation fees vary considerably and depends on the complexity of the advice and the amount of funds being managed. They are typically in the range of $2,000 – $10,000.

Ongoing Adviser Service Fees

Ongoing Adviser Service fee will be either a flat fee negotiated between yourself and your adviser or will vary from 1% -1.65% p.a. for most investments.


Whether you are looking to buy your first (or 10th) investment property or a family home; we can advise you on the “why” and “how” of buying property. We can also help with advanced property investment strategies including commercial real estate and buying a property within a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). Learn more

Superannuation & SMSF

We start with an analysis of your current super, explain your numerous options and then work with you to tailor a long-term plan that’s right for you. Advice strategies can include a range of contributions, tax minimisation, cost reduction, super consolidation, performance maximisation and specialist SMSF options. Learn more


Whether you are already retired, in transition or just planning ahead, we can help you make the most of your resources by helping you to formulate a tax-effective investment strategy that caters to your lifestyle needs; taking into account Centrelink eligibility and estate planning concerns. Learn more

Estate Planning

Ensuring that your wealth is transferred according to your wishes, in a smooth and tax-effective manner, is key to your peace of mind. We can help you to plan for your dependants with efficient tax and ownership structures, revision and monitoring of your estate plan and income planning. Learn more


Building your wealth is just as important as protecting it. Illness, injury and death all have a significant impact on both your family and finances. We can help to make sure that you look after yourself and your loved ones with an assessment of your financial risk and implementation of a tailored risk-management package. Learn more


Whether you are seeking to refinance your existing loans or are looking at using new debt to fund either personal, business or investment goals, we can assist by assessing your borrowing capacity, advising on loan structures, shopping around for an appropriate lender and making sure you have access to the most competitive interest rates. Learn more

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