High Income Earners

High Income Financial Planning – Reduce Tax and Build Wealth

Most of our Sydney clients are in the top 15% of earners in Australia. High Income earner in Australia have the most to gain from the financial rules and investment options, if they have the right advice. Don’t waste your good fortune or hard work by not assessing if you are using the system to your advantage.

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There are a range of concerns that need to be addressed for high-income earners:

  • Given the high proportion of income that is paid in tax, ways to minimise this liability are repeatedly a high priority concern. A range of both basic and advanced tax strategies and investment options can be explored to this end.
  • Appropriate types and amounts of insurance cover; given that most are employed in specialist occupations, this takes greater time and a more detailed investigation to ensure that cover is appropriate for your circumstances.
  • Asset and debt structuring can be key to successful tax, personal liability and wealth creation planning. This theme then carries over into estate planning as situations are usually more complex and greater planning is required to ensure that all aspects of your affairs are dealt with, according to your wishes.
  • Given that there is usually a larger amount of investment capital available to work with, ensuring that your portfolio is well diversified across a range of different asset classes and investment types is crucial to managing your overall level of risk and minimising the impact of fluctuating investment values.
  • Keeping your costs under control over a range of structures, loans and investment options should be key. Finding fair value across all aspects of your situation should be

We can help to assess your situation and identify areas for opportunity and improvement i.e. tax and cost efficiency as part of an overall wealth creation plan that incorporates specialist strategy advice on areas like SMSFs, trusts, complex estate plans, advanced investment strategies and international assets like overseas pensions, properties or investments.