There are a myriad of ways to buy and own shares that invest in a range of underlying asset classes. We can help you to create a portfolio that caters to your:

  • Investment experience, preferences, timeframe, tolerance for risk and ultimate goals;
  • Specific concerns regarding tax and ownership issues;
  • Need for income and/or capital growth.

A share portfolio is an excellent way to own a diverse array of both Australian and International investments via either direct shares, managed funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs) or more advanced arrangements like instalment warrants or structured investments.

We work with you to build a broad portfolio for either personal, Superannuation, trust or business purposes.

If appropriate for your situation, a share portfolio can also incorporate borrowed funds (known as gearing). Getting a professional adviser involved can help you to navigate both the structural, tax and cash flow issues associated with such an arrangement.

We can also assist you to obtain the right kind of finance to suit your investment purposes.