Aged Care – Plan early and know your options

Financial Planning for Aged Care, Assisted Living, Retirement Village or Nursing Home

Download our FREE eBook that discuss the often taboo subject of Aged Care. This could be for your Parents, yourselves or even your Grandparents. Knowing the financials of the array of choices is one that critical to get right. Seek advice.

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Almost unlike any other area of life, this stage is one most people don’t have deep and meaningful discussions about especially with those that will be most affected. In addition, because of the complexities the time that this does get discussed there usually an urgency and the emotions can get the better of you.

Aged Care Ebook Content

  1. Aged Care – Plan before it’s too late
  2. Aged Care – What are the Chances?
  3. The Rise of Aged Care
  4. Aged Care Advice Now and for Your Future
  5. Planning for Aged Care No Matter What Your Age
  6. Retirement Villages vs Aged Care
  7. Aged-Care Accommodation Bond
  8. Choices Determine Quality of Life
  9. Plan Ahead
  10. Next Steps

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