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Buying Property with Your Super Fund

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Learn how to Purchase Property with your Super Fund

Buying an Investment Property via Superannuation could provide you with the potential for long term capital growth and income, in a tax-effective manner. However in order to purchase an investment property, you will need to have a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

This eBook will outline everything that you need to know about Property in your SMSF, borrowing money for your property, and SMSF loan risks management & common mistakes. Start Investing in your Future, and Download this FREE eBook Now!

By the end of this ebook, this is what you will know:

Introduction to Property in your SMSF

  • Can I buy an Investment Property with my super?
  • Why do I need a SMSF to buy an investment property?
  • Why would I consider buying an Investment Property using my Super?
  • Are there any restrictions on buying a property in an SMSF?
  • How much do I need to have in super to buy a property?

Section 2: Borrowing Money for your Property

  • I don’t have enough in super, can i borrow the extra?
  • Is an SMSF loan different from a normal investment loan?
  • What is a limited recourse loan?
  • How is my SMSF loan application accessed?
  • Are they any restrictions on borrowing?
  • How do I go about arranging an SMSF loan?
  • What happens if I sell the property or replay the loan?

Section 3: SMSF Loan Risk Management & Common Mistakes

  • Tips
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid

Section 4: Conclusion & Next Steps

  • Is an SMSF Investment Property right for you?
  • Where should you go from here?

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