For most Australians, superannuation will be the most tax efficient investment they have.

What is Superannuation?

Superannuation is the Government preferred way to save for your retirement. Tax benefits make it one of the most effective ways to build savings for your retirement.

Are there Superannuation Taxes?

Taxes are dependent on the amount you contribute and when you contribute. Tax rates are generally lower than an individual personal tax rate if they invest outside of superannuation.

What are the benefits of Superannuation?

  • Superannuation savings are preserved
  • Contributions may attract tax reductions
  • Access to the funds is┬árestricted until you meet certain criteria
  • Ensures savings for your retirement
  • Reduced income tax in your retirement

Why increase your Super Contributions?

Small differences can have a significant effect towards your long term goals. However, there are restrictions on the amount of additional contributions that can be made to superannuation in a financial year and financial penalties for exceeding contribution limits.

What is the Right Super Fund?

What to consider when selecting a super fund:

  • Fees
  • Investment options and if they are suited to you
  • How much you will need at retirement
  • What is the best way to make super contributions to achieve your retirement financial goal

We can help you determine if your existing superannuation fund suits your financial goals or whether there are better alternatives.