Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most common type of insurance because it is simple and low cost, when compared to other insurances. If you die or become terminally ill, the insurer will pay you or your dependants a lump sum.


Depending on the sum insured, this money can be used for a range of things like clearing debt, financially providing for your family or covering funeral costs. We can help you to determine what the ‘financial gap’ for your dependants would be in the event of your death and recommend an appropriate level of cover.


Life insurance can be owned either personally or through Superannuation; how you structure this will depend on your specific risk management needs, so it pays to seek professional advice to determine what the best solution is for your situation.


There are also different levels of premium tax deductibility to consider that can impact on your cover ownership, so it is best to investigate these thoroughly before committing to a policy.