Can I Buy a Commercial Property with my Superannuation Funds

Buy a Commercial Property with your Superannuation / SMSF

Download our FREE eBook that outlines the some of the basic consideration for buying a commercial property or your office premises using your super funds.  We cover the why and the how of investing in commercial property through your Superannuation fund.

buy commercial property with super funds
Buying Your Commercial Property OR Business Premises using your Super

There never been a better time to look at commercial property as an investment option. This Ebook cover everything you need to know before getting proper tailored advice and setting the necessary structures to support this strategy.

If you current rent / lease your commercial office or warehouse you should seriously consider buying your commercial property rather than continue renting. This is an option weather you are sole owner or run a family business or you are in a partnership.


Ebook Content

  • Can I buy a commercial property using my super?
  • Can I buy my office through my SMSF?
  • Can I buy commercial property with my business partners?
  • If we are a family business, can we combine our superannuation funds and buy a commercial property?
  • How do I buy a commercial property using my super?
  • How much can I borrow in my super fund?
  • Perks of buying a commercial property via super
  • Pitfalls of buying a commercial property via super
  • Are there restrictions on commercial property investment?
  • Do I need financial advice to acquire a commercial property?

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