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Top 10 Facts on (discretionary) Family Trusts

Download our FREE eBook that outlines the Top 10 Facts on setting up a Family Trusts & discretionary trusts, and Start Protecting the Assets Your Family Owns Now and for the Future!

Learn How to Best Secure Yourself and Your Family’s Financial Future

Do you own a business, property, land or have other investments and would like your funds to stay within the family? Then establishing a Family Trust (discretionary trust) can be the next best step for you in protecting property, managing assets, and ensuring you achieve primary protection for your wealth generation for yourself and your family.

In outlining the Top 10 Facts on Family Trusts, this eBook will summarize everything you need to know, from reasons for setting up a family trust, the benefits of having a family trust, the cost of having a family trust, and more. Secure yourself and your family’s financial future, and Download this FREE eBook Now!

By the end of this eBook, you would have learnt:

  1. What is A Family Trust?
  2. Who benefits from having a Family Trust?
  3. Why would you set up a Family Trust?
  4. Benefits of establishing a Family Trust?
  5. How much does a Family Trust cost to set up?
  6. How do you set up a Family Trust?
  7. Can you Change Your Family Trust?
  8. Where can I set up a Family Trust?
  9. How long does a Family Trust last?
  10. Family Trust and Financial Planners.

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