It’s the period of life that we all work toward and dream about, so it’s important that you plan ahead to make sure that you’re life after work is everything you’d hoped for.

Whether you are already retired, in transition or just planning ahead, we can help you make the most of your resources through:

  • Cash flow planning.
  • Long-term, income producing investment strategies.
  • Tax-effective investment structures.
  • Transition to Retirement strategies that can help you maximise available tax benefits while you are still working.
  • Determining your Centrelink eligibility.

It definitely pays to have a plan in place before you retire so that you can take advantage of the maximum number of tax and investment opportunities available to you and ensure that you retire “your way”.

The rules around when and how you access your Superannuation can be complex, so getting a professional adviser involved can help to both ease the regulatory burden on you and keep you on track for the retirement you deserve.

Retirement will be one of your most important life events. Professional advice will ensure you have the funds for a comfortable retirement.

Why plan to retire?

As you approach your retirement age, you need to feel certain that you have the income to enjoy your retirement.

Planning for retirement takes a little research, and an achievable savings and investment plan.

How much do you need to retire?

It is never too soon to think about how to maximise your income in retirement. Knowing your financial goals and how your superannuation funds are tracking, you can better determine what other investment strategies you may need to consider.

What to consider when planning for your retirement?

Retirement planning is not just your superannuation. Other considerations include:

  • Structuring your investments to achieve a tax effective income
  • Flexibility for unforeseen circumstances
  • How your investments might affect your eligibility for Age Pension
  • Protection of your assets
  • How much tax you will need to pay on your investments

How can you receive your income?

You need to consider:

  • Tax considerations
  • Centrelink eligibility
  • Estate planning issues

Professional retirement planning advice and a long term approach will ensure you have the savings so you feel properly prepared to retire.