Property Through A SMSF

Retail and industry super funds all operate using a set investment menu which can include a range of options like managed funds or listed securities that are available for account holders to choose from.

These menus often contain access to a form of property investment via managed funds or listed property trusts, but they cannot offer you access to direct residential investment property.


One of the benefits of having an SMSF is that you are able to determine your own investment menu, which means you are able to invest directly in property assets if you have included this in your SMSF investment strategy.

Depending on your personal taxable income and marginal tax rate, holding a property via an SMSF rather than personally, has the potential to provide you with significant tax benefits.

Using your SMSF to buy an investment property can be a complex situation, especially where the use of borrowed funds is involved.

Blue Lantern are specialist SMSF advisers that can provide you with professional advice and guidance on how to best navigate Superannuation regulation so that your purchase is both compliant and profitable.